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The heart of a drapery or valance is the fabric. We have many well-known fabric suppliers such as Robert Allen, Kravet, and ADO.  We literally have hundreds of sample books that include all different kinds of fabrics such as delicate sheers, laces, embroidered polyesters and silks, sateens, chintzs, stunning prints, jacquards, velvets, fuzzy chenilles, and lots of silks.  Let us help you choose the perfect fabrics for your home or business.

ADO®  International is a rather unique fabric supplier.  Their fabrics are 118" wide and they are guaranteed to be machine washable with no shrinking, stretching or fading for 5 years ! Because their fabrics are so wide, we can make sheers and lined draperies without any seams. 

ADO has recently introduced two different kinds of SmartFabrics A revolutionary new textile technology has produced fabrics that improve air quality and space hygiene.  These fabrics are washable and flame-retardant and will not lose their effectiveness even after frequent washing.  These are beautiful, highly useful fabrics.

  • ActiBreeze: The new fabric that eliminates odors from the air such as pet odors, waste gas, ammonia, adhesives, formaldehyde, kitchen odors, and cigarette smoke. 
  • BioProtect: The fabric that selectively destroys bacteria upon contact.  BioProtect is ideal not only for private homes, but especially for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other public places.

ADO fabrics and draperies have been featured on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" on ABC. For more detailed information about these amazing new fabrics, you may visit the Web site for ADO® International.

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