Drapery Designs Inc


Drapery Designs Inc. is a dealer for a wonderful product called ADOwrap® which is essentially a sheer slipcover for a vertical blind.  ADOwrap combines the softness of draperies with the versatility of verticals.

Sheer fabric fastens with snaps over the top of each vane and removes easily for laundering.  The sheer fabric comes in hundreds of styles and colors all of which are washable and guaranteed not to shrink, stretch or fade. The vertical vanes can be translucent or room-darkening. The ADOwrap® can even be attached to your existing vertical. 

ADOwrap® might be compared to the Luminette® made by Hunter Douglas. The ADOwrap is so much more practical because it can be laundered plus it's less expensive.

ADOwrap® gives you the beauty of a soft flowing sheer drapery with the vertical’s function of light control and privacy.  The ADOwrap® is reasonably priced and it is versatile and beautiful.  

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