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Drapery Designs Inc

Buying Process

I'm delighted to know you are interested!  Let me tell you a bit about how we usually work with a client.

Consultation Charges?

I do not charge for a consultation appointment.  I am pleased that you will invite me into your home and it is up to me to sell myself, my services, and my products.  I'm confident that I am offering good quality, good service, and good value, and I will be rewarded if you purchase from me.  That seems fair to me. 

Initial Contact

Over the telephone, I might ask some of the following questions:

  • What room are we working with and how is that room used?
  • What colors or patterns are on the furniture, walls, and floors?
  • Is the room formal or casual? 
  • Is your style traditional or contemporary?
  • Do you have some idea of what you might like?
  • What kind of feeling would you like your room to project?
  • Could you give me some swatches and/or photos so I can be more prepared before our appointment?
The Appointment

We usually set up an appointment for me to come to your home or office.  The more prepared you can help me be before we meet, the more we can accomplish at our first appointment. If I have a good idea of what samples to bring with me, I bring some samples.  I always bring my photo album which is mostly a collection of photographs of our work.  I measure the windows and usually draw some sketches of some possibilities for the window treatment. 


Sometimes I can give you a written proposal at the first appointment, but usually we set up a second appointment. At my office we have hundreds of sample books.  I go back, do some planning, perhaps more sketching, and make selections.  At  the second appointment, usually I can give you a written proposal.

Assuming you are as excited as I am about this job, you sign the proposal and give me one-half of the total as a down-payment.  Fabric treatments usually take about six weeks and blinds or shades usually only take about one to three weeks.  When the job is installed, you make the final payment. 

Everything fits perfectly and looks beautiful.
You enjoy your new window treatments every day and your friends and neighbors are impressed! 

It's a fairly easy and enjoyable process.  I'll look forward to your phone call. 

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